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Managing immovable deadlines and levels of quality with more choices to meet your demands…

Virtually all organisations now have to comply in one form or another with legal, industry or internal regulations. Service Point can assist you to achieve this through our scanning and document management compliance solutions.

Requirements outsourced to Service Point are covered under our ISO9001:2000 procedures which are externally audited on a regular basis. We ensure, where applicable, that our scanning services follow the guidelines of BS BIP0008 for the legal admissibility of scanned documents. Service Point is also ISO14001 certified in recognition of our effective Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Interactive CD/DVD service

A simple solution for compliance is our Interactive CD/DVD service. These effective and intuitive formats allow compilation of vast quantities of documents and images in an electronic form for retention, archiving and issuance to third parties. Critically, our rigid document capture and quality assurance procedures ensure that the conversion processes comply with authentication issues addressed in the BSI Code of Practice for Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically.

Over the past 10 years, Service Point has created in excess of 1,000,000 Interactive CDs/DVDs. Originally developed for use in the construction industry to create electronic versions of Health & Safety Files, and Operation & Maintenance Manuals in support of construction (Design & Management) regulations, they are now available on-demand for any client – in any sector including eBibles for legal applications.

Typically, when providing support relating to the corporate preparation of Interactive CD/DVDs Service Point meets with the client’s representative responsible for Quality Assurance to understand the company’s document filing structure and project document procedures. From this meeting, a process is drawn up to define which documents will be scanned at the end of the project, together with how they should be indexed and formatted. Corporate logos and branding information is also managed to ensure the final product is fully consistent with the entire document package produced for the client.

On approval, Project Managers are informed of the procedure and we take it from there. Once received, documents are booked into our job tracking system, prepared and scanned. Each document section and sub-section is converted to pdf format and electronically linked to an interactive index page in accordance with the agreed filing structure. This now allows the ultimate user of the CD/DVD to select and view any chosen document easily and instantly. Every document can also be processed using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which allows users to find and retrieve files by searching for key words within the body of the scanned documents.

A major benefit of these Interactive CD/DVDs is that they do not require the user to have any software other than Adobe Reader (free to download), duplication and distribution is inexpensive, the look and feel is extremely professional and our processes ensure they are fully compliant.

Uses & Applications

Legal (eBibles)
Compilation of legal files, acquisition documents and deeds

Rail / Transportation / Infrastructure
The transport sector requires tracking of deliveries & receivables such as Proof Of Delivery notes.

Health & Safety Files and Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Tender/Bid Package Distribution, Project Archives

Property Services / Facilities Management
Land, Commercial and Domestic Property Sales Packs including maps, surveys, legal documentation, photographs and customer policies.

Automotive / Aeronautical
H&S Manuals, Parts Catalogues, Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Plant Drawing & Schematic Registers

Health & Safety and Operation & Maintenance Manuals. Plant/Asset Drawings and Procedure Files

Local Government / Public Sector
Planning Files, Survey Reports

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