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Document Scanning Service

Document Scanning Service

Service Point offers the highest quality document scanning service available. Your scanned documents can be indexed and converted in a fully searchable formats and then hosted on our cloud based document management system SkyVault or sent to you on a DVD or CD or FTP.

Our document scanning service is highly secure and can be tailored to any need. Every day organisations receive a ceaseless flow of information in many forms – data, documents, images, voice… a diverse range of formats that require consistency to be of use and value.

Contracting enables a fixed cost approach that combines document scanning and an enterprise class electronic document management system that brings the files you need to your fingertips – instantly.

Service Point offers a free 1 day consultation and audit of your documents, their use, access and security requirements and distribution including a concept of proof trial. Our aim is simple – to create a single point solution that makes your electronic document resource consistent, compliant, scalable, easy to use and economical to run.

Contracts typically includes:

  • Bespoke solution with no up-front capital costs
  • Simple monthly payment plan for legacy (back archive) scanning
  • Cost transparency for immediate/future scanning
  • Scanning of any document, microfilm, aperture cards, plans
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Free pick-up, storage (subject to audit) & return
  • Document destruction following QA sign-off and issue of certificate
Document Scanning Service

Contracted scanning includes:

We pick-up archive documents, make regular collections of live documents (using Euro4 emission compliant fleet) for on-going projects and setup specific PO Box numbers to receive documents directly from 3rd Parties (eg: Invoice processing).

We can store your archive prior to scanning. This can free up valuable office space. Files are barcoded for ease of retrieval

We scan documents, microfilm or aperture cards either at our centres or, if security dictates, at your premises. Poor quality documents or images are enhanced. Hardcopies can either be returned to you or securely shredded.

On CD, DVD, external hard drive, uploaded to your server or remote server for desktop or web access – this will give your business rapid and robust recovery and continuity.

The electronic documents so created are searchable for text and can be cross-referenced and indexed.

Documents can be electronically distributed to team members at multiple locations. Consultants can work remotely with the documents.

Documents can be printed either by you or at any one of our 30+ UK centers.

We have a globally-certificated document destruction capability. The instruction to destroy documents requires verification before destruction takes place. Once destroyed, a certificate is issued to this effect.

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