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About Us

Service Point

Service Point has grown from having an international presence in five countries to having a presence in ten countries.

In many countries, when it comes to outsourcing document management processes or seeking a partner that is capable of managing all the printed communications of a company, Service Point the first company which comes to mind.

Not only has Service Point grown to a network of over 100 printing centres in Europe and the United States, but is also physically present in many the largest companies in the world with its Print and Scan centres run by us inside the client’s offices.

These centres provide genuine cost and efficiency improvements for the host client, delivering print communication solutions diligently, always on time, and making sure that documents are printed and distributed safely and confidentially all around the world.

Building trust

Service Point has focused its core offer on the many companies and organisations around the world that need a capable partner to deal with their information and communication requirements. Large companies like Shell or London Business School turn to Service Point for its wide range of services and its ability to combine them into powerful packaged solutions which exactly match their requirements.

Service Point’s client list of more than 30,000 companies proves that listening to customers and continually innovation leads to a successful market offer.

The future

The world is changing and Service Point has shown that it knows how to adapt to new scenarios by investing and innovating in new solutions. Service Point looks at how organizations are run, and then adapts technology to real life situations, acting as a bridge that spans the digital and physical document divide, bringing employees and departments closer together.

Service Point never stops innovating: it has recently launched products that combine online marketing with printed marketing; it has developed software that enables books to be printed on demand in runs of only one title; and it has used collaboration and project management software to bring professionals together from different points of the world.

Every day Service Point works harder to improve the value it delivers to its clients.