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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


Fully aware of our impact on others and our responsibility to each other…

We have supported a diverse range of organisations with their document, print and information requirements – a fact that bears true testament to the sustained ability Service Point can provide for those seeking quality and continuity today.

We work closely with customers, helping them smooth the peaks and troughs of rapidly changing business demands and climates by ensuring they have the best document management and visual communication resources fully at their disposal.

Setting stringent targets for reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and the amount of energy and fuel that we consume. Service Point is accredited with ISO14001 across the majority of our locations (list available on application). This confirms we are conducting effective Environmental Management Systems (EMS).


Building ethical dimensions in to everything we do on a daily basis…

Resolutions are our specialty. Not only producing your projects to the highest resolution print quality possible but also creating innovative services that help keep business resolutions to support our planet. For every 100k prints/copies produced* at Service Point we off-set carbon emissions by planting a tree.

The impact of transport is recognised as one of the greatest areas we can all make a positive difference in protecting the environment. Green Apple Award winners for environmental best practice in logistics, Service Point continues to lead with ‘Low Emission’ logistical initiatives and alternatives. Where possible our vehicles are compliant with stringent Euro-4 requirement. And at every opportunity we transfer projects/jobs online electronically or to the recipient by foot in an effort to deliver true emission savings.

*Applies to copies produced on Ricoh technology only
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