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Web2Print 2

Web 2 Print

Web-2-Print made simple…

Like to access your print online and be able to manage it as well?

Web-2-Print is exactly that – a new and incredibly convenient way to order, manage and budget for all of your business print requirements, both online and on your desktop. Service Point is delighted to launch the PrintNet range of tools (the evolution of our ReproNet print ordering system). Combined they create a ground-breaking approach to Web-2-Print: a selection of options that gives your organisation true choices in the development of your very own internal online print strategy.

Low Impact

PrintNet Web-2-Print is available in three levels of service – each level is developed to help you evolve your online print activity at your own pace. Buying online is also a great way to lower the impact on our environment and your budget as well.

Online Print Ordering

Free online Web-2-Print ordering

This service is designed for individual and business users…and it’s FREE for all users. Lite is designed as the direct progression from ReproNet – it offers identical facilities to the online version, but has additional benefits of a full ordering system and credit card or credit payment methods.

  • Each user can use an online filing cabinet to store regular items
  • The user’s full order history is also stored online
  • Online address books can be stored, allowing users to order items requiring delivery to another person or location
  • Full Print options / colour / black and white / finishing, etc

Online Print Management

A simple and company wide solution

PrintNetPro supports the corporate structure. In addition to the options available on the LITE system, Pro clients will be able to host regular products using a catalogue which is accessible by all company employees and even clientes. The additional services include:

- Multiple workflows for different types of order processes – Online variable data templates (such as building business cards) – Image Galleries – Pre-Configured documents – Corporate Address books

Online Print & Document Management

The complete online print service

PrintNetPlus gives you the additional benefit of bespoke branding to match your corporate image and full print ordering options, such as workflow catalogue access, administration and customer service rights letting you handle all of your needs regarding full print and non-print items designed to be used by your clients and staff. One of the most powerful benefits for using this version is the ability to control and administer your own site independently from Service Point. Departments such as Marketing can control their material online and upload new material for instant visibility to their marketplace.

- Corporate branded sites – Full Admin rights – Customer service options – Corporate Training sessions – Multiple print sites

Business Management

  • Instant cost calculations
  • Track and manage Purchase Orders (POs)

Production / Customer Service

  • Manage orders via a system dashboard (what’s going on right now?)

Configurable Workflows

  • Because print products are not all alike you can create custom workflows (e.g. catalogue workflow which is two steps to order as opposed to document upload workflow, which might be four steps)

Fulfilment / Warehoused Product Ordering

  • Offer products that are ‘held in inventory’ multiples: files, documents, jobs, recipients, shipping, quantities
  • Easily upload, combine, configure and deliver

Reliable and Controllable print ordering process

Central Filing cabinet storage of all products

  • Personal and Corporate Cabinets

Company online catalogues of standard and bespoke print items

Variable Data

  • User to personalise the print (Business Cards / Department Letterheads / Brochures)

Instant delivery of the print job to the print room

Create special workflows to make ordering even easier

Grow and totally control your range of products and their versioning

  • No special software
  • No intrusive applications
  • No security risk
  • No IT issues
  • Web application accessible via any standard internet connection
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Access 24 hrs per day, seven days a week
  • The highest level of security for your documents from our server
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