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Bid Services

Bid Services

This is the ultimate, our masterpiece, our chef d’oeuvre, our piece de resistance; let’s not mince words – it’s what we do best.

Our Bid Services are simply and utterly brilliant because you need them to be as near perfection as possible. We give you a dedicated team of Bid Experts who will hold your hand from concept to final production, offering you as much or as little guidance and advice as you need. Our team can be inspirational, creative and visionary. They are totally focused on making your Bid look sublime, whatever form it takes (and we are ludicrously imaginative when it comes to design). We give you your own dedicated Bid Suite complete with Content Managers, Creative Directors and Designers who have such a diverse skill base between them that they can offer you service that truly exceeds your expectations. Should you need it, we will happily give you a team on tap for 24 hours a day.

We know how vital, how imperative, how absolutely crucial it is that your Bid far surpasses your competitors and in order to ensure that this happens, we know that we far surpass our competitors in our ability to provide you not just with what you need, but far, far more. Our competitors aspire to our minimum standard.

We know that a thing of beauty is a joy forever (thank you Mr. Keats) and we know that a Bid that is visually stunning demands attention. We also know that behind that beautiful facade there should be content that is equally as compelling so we can help with this too. Putting a Bid together requires sophisticated synchronization of every small but crucial component. We orchestrate the entire process so that everything melds together seamlessly.

Delivery of your Bid is the last step towards success. Because we have such a wide network of branches we can deliver your Bid to multiple locations if required. We know that putting together a Bid is enormously time consuming and demanding, we know that the deadline is immoveable, and the pressure is on. Let us help. Let us ensure that your Bid is perfectly printed, presented and professionally delivered. We love a challenge; we are frequently inspired by our clients and know that they are inspired by us.

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