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Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Give me some space! We all want more room, we all long to de-clutter, we want to find the document we need without digging through dog eared files in dusty archive boxes in a dingy basement.

Save yourself time, energy, money and a dust allergy by using our document scanning service. No matter whether you have one solitary file or a roomful of boxes, we can capture any size of original, scan it and store it digitally so you can pull it up in a trice.

Our on demand service securely captures every piece of critical content so you can run a lean efficient business. Our document scanning is a completely bespoke service tailored to your exact specifications. Scanning documents has a Lazarus effect – it brings dead documents to life again, ensuring you have full access to thousands of documents whenever you need them.

But I need some security! Your documents never leave our premises (thirty stores offer this service across the UK) so discretion and confidentiality are maintained at every step of the process. Once your documents are stored electronically they are instantly accessible (but only to you) and instantly searchable. Should calamity strike, your documents are backed up, safe and still instantly available.

Document imaging captures everything from a scribble to a scroll and our large format scanning means that those planning documents don’t feel left out. Document archiving electronically can free up acres of storage space, meaning more space for your business and fewer costs for storage.

Scanning documents into our system can give you that holy grail often talked about but never seen – the paperless office. Can you imagine the satisfaction? The time saving is unbelievable; historic documents are instantly on screen and can be forwarded electronically. The sheer joy of being able to whiz over a letter from 1975 instead of looking for the needle in the haystack – phenomenal!

To save time, space, money and your sanity, call us today.

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