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Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC)

Win and execute AEC projects around the world

We facilitate the successful completion of projects by getting the right products and services into your hands with speed and efficiency.

Service Point AEC is one, consolidated solution from experts for experts. We offer:

  • complete on-site installation and management of your print equipment;
  • digital solutions such as online plan rooms and web-to-print services;
  • marketing and bid creation, execution, and support;
  • and the essentials such as printing of drawings, décor and signage, and equipment and supplies.

Focused mission, focused vendor. You’re focused on your mission. We are, too.

By consolidating all these products and services with one trusted vendor, you can optimise costs and refocus your staff’s attention on what they do best – exceeding clients’ expectations.

From start to finish, from digital to hard-copy, from one city, country, continent to another – Service Point accompanies you on the path to success.


Other Solutions:

  • Market Edge
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