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“This year I’ll clear those cabinets out”

Remember last years New Years resolution to get on top of the paperwork and files cluttering your cabinets? With one month to go, there’s still time!
Call us on 01908 518 280 and arrange a site visit. We will then arm you with the information to achieve a clear and uncluttered start to 2018.
Paragon Service Point have a track record providing affordable and fully bespoke document scanning solutions. Our solutions substantially reduce costs and deliver efficiencies by:

The importance of white space in print design

Empty, blank, zilch, nada: all words with negative connotations. However when translated into print design ‘empty’ changes to a positive.
This empty space is the background that holds the design together. We refer to this empty space between design elements as ‘white space’ or occasionally ‘negative space’. It plays a key role when delivering a clean and coherent design. Despite it’s name it does not have to be white, it can be any colour or even a background image or texture.
Five reasons to use white space:

Folded Leaflets

Folded leaflets - the versatility of a flyer, with the space of a brochure.

Ideal for detailed invitations, concise product descriptions or quality menu’s; a folded leaflet is functional and provides endless options for design. Bring your brand to life with this unique presentation of your products and services. Folded leaflets are easy to handle, cheaper than a booklet and cheap to post.

A day in the life, Alexandra de Maré, Branch Manager of Covent Garden

This week we speak with Alexandra de Maré the Branch Manager of the Paragon Service Point branch in Covent Garden. 

Hi Alexandra and thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How long have you been with the Paragon Service Point Covent Garden branch?

I have been with the team here since February 2015. Initially I was appointed as the Gallery Manager when we were The Gallery Print Centre. When we changed to Paragon Service Point Covent Garden I became the Branch Manager.

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