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Industry AEC

Architects, Engineers and Construction
(AEC) industry.

Information is the backbone of the AEC industry.

Drawings and specs, bids and proposals, and site signage all convey information to clients, colleagues, vendors and visitors.

The visual representation of your work is a reflection on you, your firm, and your brand. It should convey the same values and message – quality, expertise, efficiency.

Like most industries, how this information is communicated is changing. In a world that’s increasingly digital, global, nuanced, and responsive, you need a partner who is as well. A partner who understands your business and how it works, and your clients and how you interact with them.

History of evolution and results
Since 1914, Service Point has helped architects, engineers, and constructors design, win, and execute projects around the world. We facilitate the successful completion of projects by getting the right products and services into your hands with speed and efficiency. By listening to our clients’ demands we have developed new technology products and innovative services which respond directly to your ever evolving requirements.

From start to finish, from digital to hard-copy, from one city, country, continent to another – Service Point accompanies you on the path to success.

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