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PEP - Paragon E-commerce Platform

Marketing in an organisation which has multiple locations, branches or franchises brings complex demands. You want to be able to react to the local environment, while still maintaining a tight control on brand.

Paragon e-commerce solution (PEP) provides you with a highly customisable print portal, with your own private catalogue of document templates and print collateral.

With more than one million customers registered on our online systems, including leading global businesses and with 29% annual growth in order volumes, we are one of the leading document generation and workflow technology companies.

PEP: the perfect tool for managing your creative vision

Maintain control over your corporate and creative identity and your brand assets. If you haven’t already invested in technology to support your operational and marketing print, consider the use of a Web 2 Print (W2P) platform to see significant improvement in the management and control of the following:

Reduction in your team's daily workload

Cut down on proofing and change

Control stock levels and save money

Control brand with 24/7 visibility of the collateral

Stop rogue spend and consolidate costs

Access to reporting on all aspects of spend

Create compelling campaigns at the touch of a button

PEP allows you to create bespoke marketing collateral and mailing campaigns (printed, email and SMS). PEP also helps your business achieve brand uniformity and brand protection across multiple sites. By using PEP you are empowering your branches by providing locally relevant content whilst controlling brand governance centrally.

The platform also enables you to provide better internal and external communication between branches and franchises with a central hub of standard marketing documents with consistent brand.

What can PEP do for you?

  • Multi-media and multi-channel marketing for franchise and multibranch operations

  • A web-to-print system that is fully integrated into our hybrid mail & transactional mail services with order fulfilment options

  • Online catalogue providing all collateral including direct mail, point of sale, brochures and SMS campaigns

  • Print management

  • Dialogue marketing

  • Deep integrations into national postal and carrier services
  • Control & visibility through our management information systems

  • Highly personalised & localised content

  • Inbound and outbound flows

  • Pick and pack stock management. Stock ordering and visibility

  • Budget/inventory management and management reporting

  • End-to-end workflow automation
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    Accor maintain full brand compliance in printed collateral across multiple hotel brands, all while saving costs

    Accor now benefit from:

  • Significant cost savings through the new PEP solution

  • Improved visibility on stock, spend, detail and more control

  • Total brand compliance

  • Improve the customer journey with integrated marketing solutions, loyalty campaigns and order fulfilment
  • Web-2-print, online print platform