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Design Trends 2018

Design Trends 2018

Shutterstock released its annual Creative Trends Report based on analysis of searches on their site and expert knowledge from their various teams. This week we select 5 great design trends you need to know for 2018.

All about the unicorns
Those of us waiting for a resurgence in the popularity of all things ‘donkey’ in design are going to have to wait another year as searches for ‘unicorn’ increased by 297% and ‘mermaid’ by a startling 145%.

And the next frontier after unicorns?
If your taste for fantasy is jaded by binge-watching Game of Throne, look towards space as the next frontier for inspiration. Searches for ‘solar’ are up 991% and ‘astro’ by 671%.

And we’re back to earth!
Natural luxury inspired by the swirls of marble (up by 416%) and ripples of agate (+275%). Think bohemia and new age aesthetics with a bit of mysticism added for good measure. 

Minimalism gets maximised
It turns out once we get down to design basics and strip off the superfluous elements the next step is to add some vibrant colour and fluid styles and added textures. Minimalism maximised: two steps backwards and one step forwards. 

The pastel rebellion
Pastel palettes get punchy and rebellious with complimentary bright hues such as ‘blue candy’ (+609%). Tastes good, looks good. 

To read the full report visit Shutterstock

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