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Improve your business document processes

A document management system helps businesses and their employees save time and money by increasing efficiency and productivity. Paragon Service Point offers you this digital transformation, and we work with many companies working with their bespoke document requirements. Our secure bureau is accredited to ISO27001 and our staff are security vetted and tracked with access control in place where your documents are being processed. All aspects of our work is covered by our ISO9001 Quality Management System from uplift to completion.

Why use our document management service?




Paper-based workflows in your organisation need an urgent update for the digital age

Through secure document scanning and document management, repetitive business processes – moving documents from office to cabinet to off-site archiving and then back – are simplified in a digital environment. The correct system allows you to completely change everything with all of your documents organised, scanned and stored for instant retrieval at your fingertips.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

While moving paper-based documents into a digital environment saves you money on expensive office space to store your records, it also protects these documents from physical damage and loss. Where natural disasters have the potential to destroy physical documents, electronic documents are backed up in multiple ways – through SkyVault. So, even if your building/storage becomes critically compromised, you have security in the knowledge your business records and documents are safely protected.

Security of your sensitive documents

A comprehensive approach to document management considers multiple users in multiple roles, which means safeguarding documents and file access through authentication and authorisation. File types, including folders and documents, help you balance security through feature and user rights. Here, the security aspect of digital document management is seen in audit trails built into our SkyVault system.

Document management helps your business deal with the rapidly changing digital environment while increasing your efficiency and keeping you competitive

As other businesses turn their documents digital, your customers in some cases may expect to deal with you digitally. Paragon Service Point would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you with this – we have excellent case studies and global reference points to demonstrate the quality and security in our work with you.

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Increasing document retrieval success

Through digital document management, document retrieval time drops significantly. By scanning using Optical Character Recognition, users can search their secure online archive to quickly find their documents when they need them. System access is also restricted by department or user, ensuring confidential documents remain exactly that - confidential.