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The power of Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail offers an easy, cost effective and quick way to send out personalised digital communications and direct mail to this diverse range of stakeholders from one portal. This mailing service not only increases brand engagement and captures the customers’ imaginations, it also enables the user to reach its audience on multiple platforms by giving the flexibility of using both electronic and paper communications and automating the process of print and mailing documents.

Complete control of your printing and mailing process

Why use Hybrid Mail?

It's a cost effective way of implementing an automated multi-channel marketing strategy, allowing you to communicate with your customers through direct mail, email and SMS, enabling you to maximise reach of your message.

How does it work?

Hybrid mail allows your staff to create their documents as usual, but at the point of print your staff simply select our print driver (PEP-Mail) and we do the rest.

Simply create, click print and start saving with Paragon's hybrid mail services today.

High quality print

At Paragon Service Point, we are passionate about print. With the latest technology printers and presses, we continually invest in our machines to provide high quality digital printing to exceed expectations for both short and long print runs.

Is it secure?

We own a ISO 27001 accredited mailing house based in Sunderland. Your data is safe and compliant with this security accreditation throughout the full process, including our premises, staff and processes.

Ready to work together?

Our secure mailing house offers several services.

All of these services help to create the perfect direct mail campaign.


Save up to 35% on postage costs and avoid the stress of organising postage yourself. Our expert teams work on thousands of direct mail campaigns every day and will handle the full process. This can also include inbound receipt, scanning and digitising!


We understand that you may have variants for your direct mail project. With our highly skilled mailing teams, you can be confident that we will collate and pack your direct mail ready for dispatch in an efficient and precise way.


With extensive print capabilities at our mailing house, and with the backing of the Paragon Service Point branch network, we can meet any print preferences you have for your direct mail and communications project.

Our Hybrid Mail service will save you money.

Hybrid mail is perfect for organisations who have communications that are required to be mailed out to several types of audience. Using hybrid mail enables you to manage your mailings from your desktop at the touch of a button, whilst also reducing the time, effort and money of the whole process.

Did you know?

The average response to a direct mail campaign is 30 times higher than an email campaign. Why not use our hybrid mail services for your next direct mail campaign?
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