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  • Case Study:
    Leading UK Construction Company

Designed, produced and installed all signage and street graphics for a leading UK construction company

Earlier this year, a leading UK top 10 construction company began work on a four year project which includes building 6 residential tower blocks. The company needed a vast amount of printed products for the project but were initially unaware of the breadth of services Paragon Service Point could offer. The company historically used Paragon Service Point for small and large format digital and litho graphic print requirements and didn't realise that Paragon Service Point could also offer graphic design, signage, installation and 3D printing. Along with offering such a vast amount of services, Paragon Service Point have also built up an impressive reputation for providing quality work in incredibly tight timelines.

The Challenge

The construction company are a long-standing customer of Paragon Service Point. When the need arose for standard posters to be printed for this particular project, Paragon Service Point happily obliged and after the initial meeting, it became apparent that Paragon Service Point could bring so much more to the project, surpassing the client’s expectations. The company were unaware of Paragon Service Point’s capabilities in signage production and their ability to design, produce and install signage. Paragon Service Point were then tasked with producing graphics and signs for the induction room, this then progressed, and Paragon Service Point supplied all the on-street signage and site signage. Paragon Service Point became the one-stop-shop for all the client’s print and signage needs.

The Solution

Paragon Service Point provided a centralised print and post room, to handle all incoming post and courier deliveries, as well as bespoke print not available on the MFDs around the of ces. Service Point introduced a new host of MFDs with EquiTrack – a software solution that provides cost management and visibility. The scanning services have been expanded and are controlled through the accounts payable department, digitising all incoming invoices, and uploaded to AGCO’s own ERP system. Utilising the infrastructure of the Paragon Service Point branch network, the isolated location of the AGCO head office can be supported extensively - both by the local Service Point branch in Birmingham, and across the UK. Finally, Paragon Service Point appointed a COM (customer operations manager) to work closely with AGCO to deliver enhanced services and customer support.

The Result

Due the superior quality of Paragon Service Point’s design and print executions and their impeccable customer service, more and more opportunities arose, such as printing safety booklets, producing exhibition graphics and even 3D printing. The site manager was so impressed with the work provided by Paragon Service Point that he invited in other site managers to see the work Paragon Service Point produced and this has resulted in even further opportunities.

Project Highlights

- Paragon Service Point became the one-stop-shop for all of the client's print and signage needs.

- Paragon Service Point's impeccable customer service meant going above and beyond to deliver with incredibly tight deadlines.

- Working alongside the client, Paragon Service Point developed a bespoke range of site signage and imagery that really brought the site alive as well as being uniquely individual.

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