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Managed Services

For over 25 years, Paragon Service Point has provided organisations with Onsite Managed Services for all of their on-demand print and communications needs. Our Onsite Managed Services customers gain access to a superior service, document management, flexibility and the most appropriate technology. They also benefit from expertise in print and information management delivered in an extremely cost-effective manner, with savings of up to 35% achieved against their current expenditure in these areas.

Why outsource?

Outsourcing is about creating a mutually-beneficial relationship, increasing flexibility, improving productivity and minimising your company’s risk.

Service Point’s response is bespoke to you. Our onsite service places an integrated network of production facilities fully at your disposal. You gain access to our local and global network, 24hours capability, R&D/IT, communications and document, print and information management teams.

All employment, training, personal development and administration costs reside with Service Point. We provide the highest level of responsiveness and service to all users through your organisation. We optimise the use of technology and cross-training, together with handling staff support and disaster recovery.

Our team implements all contract management processes. Everything is measured against a pre-defined Service Level Agreement. The service is designed to adapt to your production peaks and troughs. Needs are constantly reviewed and the service is adapted to any changes. Our SAP-driven information systems readily support all account-related financial, performance and quantitative reporting needs, giving you total transparency and access on all aspects of the agreement at any time.

No tie to any manufacturer means best-of-breed technology, equipment and innovation is always used. Seamless transfer of work (using Service Point’s secure, dedicated network) means our centre network can handle peaks in demand, plus specialist requirements, such as wide-format, mounting, finishing and exhibition services. Optimal equipment is combined onsite to meet your needs today, with no fear of being wrong-footed tomorrow.

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Cost reduction
Achieved through process improvements, contract flexibility, the right equipment with the right expertise and our centre network to cope with peaks in demand combined with no capital expenditure or leases. There are also no employment, administrative or wastage costs.

Total accountability
Services are charged on an ‘as you use basis’, with – agreed unit costs. There are no Management fees or leases and no wastage charges (we only charge per unit of usage, according to agreed net prices per customer order). Detailed invoices per cost centre or project, for internal departmental costing or onward charging, can be provided.

Easily-changed equipment and resources to meet your evolving business needs – with no financial penalties.

Reduce costs, free up space and gear up to meet your average requirements – peaks and specialist requirements will be handled by our network of production centres.

Time savings
Significantly reduced management and administrative time, faster job turnaround through experienced staff, optimised equipment and onsite production.

Quality improvement
Achieved through the marriage of equipment and expertise that are specific to your needs, together with better management processes and SLAs.

Comprehensive support
We are able to draw on a pool of experienced support personnel to resolve issues and cover sickness and holidays.

Experience and expertise
We have been providing managed services since 1983 (our first-ever client is still with us today) and are experienced in all aspects of scoping, implementing and managing of these services, novation of contracts, personnel transfer under the TUPE process, together with on-going financial and management reporting.

Your printing requirements no longer need to take up your internal resources's valuable time. Business continuity customers have the security of the knowing that there is a robust and networked, multi-centre infrastructure underpinning all onsite managed service operations. All work is seamlessly transferred in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Work is carried out by one company at your premises, as opposed to several suppliers offsite, lacking security and continuity. For workload peaks or specialist work, our secure web-based file transfer system can be utilised: for hard copy, our own drivers and fleet will handle your documents from start to finish.