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Plan printing

Specialist printing service for your CAD Drawings and oversize plan reprographics

We are experts in the art of plan printing. Paragon Service Point actually began as the 'Universal Drawing Office' over 100 years ago, and so we've worked with thousands of architects and construction companies for over a century. Whether your plan prints are black and white or colour, we produce and deliver for you. At Paragon Service Point, CAD files, and the most demanding of fine-line hardcopy originals, are all reproduced with brilliant accuracy. Plan printing can be produced onto a wide range of substrates with all finishing and folding requirements catered for construction sector.

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As experts in reprographics, we lead the market in managing and printing all forms of oversized digital output.

We have been serving the architectural, construction and design sectors for over 100 years and understand the importance of getting it right. Whether you need colour plan printing or black and white drawings, Paragon Service Point offers speed, quality and expertise for your plan copying and printing requirements.

Our CAD plotting and plan printing service is available throughout the UK and is relied upon by a range of customers from large construction companies to small architectural practices and private individuals. We can reproduce your original plans to any size, and even enlarge or reduce the plan or just a part of the document to your requirements. We work with our clients on their complex and time-senstive projects, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery. As experts in this field, we also offer supporting services to help you manage and improve your project processes. See below for more information.
Plan printing

View our cloud-based project management platform

If you regularly print CAD plots and work on construction projects on a daily basis, check out ProjectVault - our very own platform that provides construction Industry specific online collaboration, document and information management solutions.

This software is scalable to any organisation, department or project and allows you to order your plan printing directly through the platform.


View our architectural visualisation services

Do you need help visualising your upcoming construction project? Our innovative CGI and visualisation technology team, Paragon Studios, offer services to support the planning, tender and marketing of construction projects

Our passionate and creative studio is focussed on creating compelling stories for architecture, design and the built environment, with offices in Liverpool & London.