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CGI Designer Sharon Clark in Liverpool

How long have you been in the Paragon Service Point Liverpool branch?

Since July 2016

Can you describe what a typical day in the Liverpool branch?

On a typical day, we work on completing various clients projects and developing new techniques to improve our workflows. We speak to clients regularly by phone and email during every project. Communication is vital to completing our projects successfully and meeting our client’s requirements.

Giclée Printing

Giclée printing is a technique of printing and recreating limited edition fine art prints, at an archival quality, whether from your original artwork, pre-scanned files, digital artwork or photographs. 

Of course the first question most people have is how do you pronounce it? Zhee-klay is how it’s officially pronounced, though if you call us wanting some ‘gicklee,’ ‘kickley’ or just mutter something vaguely Gallic sounding, we’ll understand what you want.

Design Trends 2018

Shutterstock released its annual Creative Trends Report based on analysis of searches on their site and expert knowledge from their various teams. This week we select 5 great design trends you need to know for 2018.

All about the unicorns
Those of us waiting for a resurgence in the popularity of all things ‘donkey’ in design are going to have to wait another year as searches for ‘unicorn’ increased by 297% and ‘mermaid’ by a startling 145%.

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