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Document Management Milton Keynes

“This year I’ll clear those cabinets out”

Remember last years New Years resolution to get on top of the paperwork and files cluttering your cabinets? With one month to go, there’s still time!
Call us on 01908 518 280 and arrange a site visit. We will then arm you with the information to achieve a clear and uncluttered start to 2018.
Paragon Service Point have a track record providing affordable and fully bespoke document scanning solutions. Our solutions substantially reduce costs and deliver efficiencies by:

  • Reducing your storage space requirements
  • Enhancing security
  • Improving regulatory compliance
  • Easier retrieval of documents
  • Better collaboration

For more on how our document scanning services can help you, get in touch with Paragon Service Point Milton Keynes on 01908 518280 today and speak to David Fisk to request a free no obligation quotation.

Alternatively visit for further information on how our scanning service can benefit your business.


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